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International Conferences


“The notion of Tradition and the White Gaze”, Symposium Bridging the Gap between Gown and Town, October 26, Ọjájá University, Ilorin - Nigeria [online]

“Du geste inédit en danse contemporaine à la répétitivité en danses sénégalaises”, Symposium Circonférences de l’improvisation : faire corps autrement, Septembre 14, Université Côte d'Azur, Nice

Respondant at IN THE WORKS. Makings and Unmakings of the Video Essay, International conference at the Lucerne School of Art and Design, November 1-3, Luzern

Guest Lecturer “Dance Knowledge through the Body. Gender Politics within Contact Improvisation”, MA course, Dance Studies, University of Bern, Octobre, Bern

Guest lecturer at Ascona Interface Summer School MA-PhD: Racism, Dance, Knowledge, June 17, Ascona


Co-lecturer with activist Pascale Altenburger, “Mechanisms of Exclusion within Dance”, June 18, Tanzkongress Mainz

Guest Lecturer “Intimités en Dance Contemporaine”, BA course, Sport Studies, University of Lausanne, November 3, Lausanne. BORIS DOI : 10.48350/175079



“Dance, Racism and Anthropological Knowledge”, Annual Meeting American Anthropological Association, Truth and Responsibility, November 18, University of Baltimore [online]

Guest Lecturer “Dances across Africa”, MA course, Dance Studies, University of Bern, November 30, Bern. BORIS DOI : 10.48350/175209

“Kunda. A gesture of colors”, SEG Interface Workshop, Engaged Knowledge. Creations in Anthropology, September 30, University of Geneva


“Dereskina. Feeling under the skin”, Panel Imagining affect. Rewriting the rules of engagement in the context of research? Congress of the International Society for Ethnology and Folklore SIEF2021: Breaking the Rules: Power, Participation, Transgression, June 23, University of Helsinki [online]


“Dance, Racism and Anthropological Knowledge”, Contested Imaginaries Interdisciplinary Humanities Graduate Conference, June 18, Concordia University Montreal [online]


“Sensitive Knowledge Through an Auto-Ethnography of Contact Improvisation”, International Conference, Performing Memory Through Dance Anthropological Perspectives, June 17, Ca’ Foscari University of Venice [online]


“Anthropology through Dance”, Ascona Interface Summer School, June 9, Acona Tessin


Panel Co-convener with Dr. Fiona Siegenthaler (University of Basel) & Dr. Leila Baracchini (University of Neuchâtel), “Creative Collaboration – Art and Anthropology at the Interface” Schweizerische Ethnologische Gesellschaft, April 22-24, Tessin [online]


Panel "Environment and Intimacy from Human to More-Than-Human Perspectives", co-convener with Dr. Doerte Weig, VANDA Vienna Anthropology Days

"Sexual fantasies on the dance floor: Sensoriality between strangers in Contact Improvisation", EASA, Lisbon

"Shadows Between Worlds", Uncommon Senses III: The Future of the Senses, Concordia University, Montreal


"To Engage with Dance", Conference Engaging Anthropology, University of Massachusetts Amherst, USA

"Shadows Between Worlds", Changing Climates / Changer d’air, Canadian Anthropology Society and American Anthropological Association conference, Vancouver, Canada

"Talking about Sex. Publicization of intimate matters in contemporary dance plays" Conference What’s love got to do with it? Performance, Affectivity, Intimacy, Culturgest Lisbon


Panel co-convener with Julia Rehsmann, "Tracing the Intimate", VANDA Vienna Anthropology Days, University of Vienna

Co-lecturer with Jen Clarke, “Skin and Body Movement Lab”, EASA Conference - European Association of Social Anthropologists, University of Stockholm

“The dancing body as living archive”, International Conference Art, Materiality and Representation, British Museum/ Soas, Royal Anthropological Institute, University of London



Co-lecturer with Dr. Jen Clarke, “The Shadows of Others: autoethnography as collective experience”, Voicing Experience: the 4th British Conference of Autoethnography, University of Brighton


Creativity in contemporary dance. Generating movement through improvisation”, Symposium Beyond Perception 15, University of Aberdeen

“Quelles modalités d’interaction entre les diverses composantes d’un spectacle ?”, Conference Praxis et esthétique des arts, corps mouvant, corps en mouvement, University of Artois (Arras - F)

“Dancers teaching anthropologists on environment perception”, Conference Enacting modalities of feeling: anthropological explorations, University of Vienna

Panel co-convener with Michaela Schäuble and Laura Coppens, “Mediating precariousness: creative ethnographic practices in an era of crisis”, Swiss Ethnology Society Annual Conference, University of Bern

“Une coprésence charnelle et technologique: quelle négociation ?” International conference Corps en scène: l’acteur face aux écrans/ Bodies on stage: acting confronted by technologies bodies on stage, June 3-5, University La Sorbonne Paris 3


“Nudité et Érotisme: quelle relation dans la danse contemporaine suisse?”, International Conference Érotisme et sexualité dans les arts du spectacle vivant, Maison des Sciences de l’Homme, October 23, University of Paris Nord

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