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Shadow of Others

Choreography for ten dancers
Aberdeen, Scotland





Video-Essay (coming soon)


The shadow(s) dwell(s), co-habit(s) and co-create(s) within and without us, permeating between the visible and the invisible spaces, bodies, lives. It/They offer(s) its/their accompanying presence as an always valid possibility of attention, of living memories,

of unreconciled dreams. Remaining within an arm’s reach…yet never quite palpable.

Traces… stored deep within our Selves.

Are you there? Or am I alone in here?

Let me feel your shape.

Shall I leave you behind now?

Can you stay?

Or will I take you along?

I want to listen to all your stories.

I want to see myself in your presence.

Can we merge into a rainbow of shades, together, always half-separate, never really separable? Look around you, we belong to the light of others, when we move and dance in sight, in cascading rhythms, in syncope, in-between the architectural lines. Within the written histories, records of those before us, and connecting to the future ones. Yielding onto the meaningful, yet often not recognized, landscapes of thought. Can you too carry on with me, for me, for others?

 Anna Dako



Claire Delhumeau, Claire Vionnet, Francisca Martin, Imogene Newland, Jen Clarke, Joseph J. Appel Méar, Paulina Dzianach, Peter Loovers, Sylvain Ka, Valeria Lembo 


Alex Bécholey, Christelle Bécholey Besson, Jvan Yazdani



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