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Dialogue with One's Shadows

Aberdeen, Scotland
Dance Performance in 2016 and 2017
Antart Online Exhibition
presented 2019 in Vancouver 
Video Essay 

Video: Christelle Becholey-Besson

No contact. Nobody around.

Nobody to touch. No other hand to rely on.

But still, other presences…

Dancing with materials, dancing with sound, a solo with one’s own shadows.

In this 15 minutes video projection-performance, we are exploring the shadows of one’s body: the formal ones, as well as the metaphorical ones. Which dialogue can be run with one’s own shadows? What are they telling the dancing subject?

Dialogue with One’s Shadows questions the essence of movement when it resonates with various materials and sounds. Which movements and which parts of the body silhouette are the most expressive? The dialogue leads the audience into a confusion between the virtual and the real world, and questions the difference of emotions produced by each dimension.

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