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Dancing Intimacies

An Anthropology in Feeling, Moving and Touching 
Financed by SNF Swiss National Science Foundation

What does Intimacy refer to?

What constitutes an experience of Intimacy?

How does Intimacy variate in time and space?

How does Intimacy change, resist, challenge?

How is it challenged?

How does Intimacy emerge

within a particular dance shape?

This postdoc research combines perspectives from Anthropology, Dance Studies and Contemporary Philosophy to question intimacy, a relational phenomenon dependent on both individual bodily experiences and the social. Intimacy refers at the same time to the individual and the interrelatedness with others. In common language, intimacy refers to a private sphere, inaccessible to others. It also designates a close relationship.

This research explores these issues through dance practice - workshops with other dancers in Contemporary Dance and Contact Improvisation. This practice-based research will unfold intimacy in three venues: feeling, moving and touching. In an attempt to overcome duality between theory and practice, we will investigate the way intimacy grows out of encounters and see what it does to our world.

Collaborations with

SenseLab - Concordia University, Montreal

Dance Departement - University Paris 8

THOR - WBKolleg - University of Bern

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